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Foundation StreamlinedUpliftEvery great project starts with the right tools. We work with you to design and implement a tech setup that's not just cutting edge but also completely tailored to your business needs. Our goal? To make sure your foundation is as solid and dependable as our commitment to your success.
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For founders, by founders DuoIt's your vision; you should be in the driver's seat. We help you learn the ins and outs of your digital tools, making it easy for you to make updates, tweak designs, and roll out new content anytime you need. With Uplift Duo, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a deep understanding of your platform, backed by our ongoing support.
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Who is the program for?

Our program is designed for early to mid-stage startups looking to accelerate their product development and market entry. We welcome founders who are passionate about their ideas and committed to rapid growth. Applicants should have a clear business model and a scalable product idea or a physical product they want to distribute online.

What technologies does the program support?

Our program supports a diverse range of technologies tailored to specific development needs. For e-commerce development, we recommend Shopify, the ideal platform for scalable online stores. For mobile app creation, we utilize React Native combined with Expo Go to facilitate efficient development across iOS and Android devices. In web development, we focus on using Next.js to enhance site performance and SEO capabilities. Lastly, for generative projects, we integrate advanced technologies like the OpenAI API and Gemini.

What level of support is provided during product launch and scaling?

Our team provides robust support during your product launch, focusing on empowering founders, especially those with limited technical backgrounds. We ensure a smooth transition from development to market by offering expert guidance every step of the way. Additionally, we create a custom user manual for each project, tailored to facilitate future training and scaling. This manual serves as a valuable resource, enabling you and your team to manage and expand your product confidently, even long after the initial launch.

How does the accelerator handle intellectual property?

We believe in the full ownership of intellectual property by our participants. The partnership does not take any equity or claim over the IP developed during the program. Founders retain complete control over their innovations.

How does the program expedite the product development process?

Our program speeds up development by applying lessons from shipping 100 website & apps touching 1M+ users. We use proven streamlined roadmaps to reduce time-to-market.

What makes Uplift Duo unique?

Our partnership stands out because we integrate with your team, acting as an extension to bring our firsthand startup experiences to your project. We've faced the challenges of limited resources and rapid development cycles, so we know what works. Our approach allows you to test and validate ideas efficiently, saving time and costs, and directly contributing to your market success.


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